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About Millie

Featured Articles:

Millie was featured in the Charleston Gazette-Mail earlier this year. 


Millie participated in The State Journal's  Expert Panel article.


Millie's Story


Millie Snyder is an award-winning author, inspirational speaker, and entrepreneur. She has been positively impacting people’s lives for nearly fifty years with her message of healthy living.  With her message, she provides the tools for living a longer, healthier life, which produces growth along the way to become the best you possible. To Millie, preparation is the key to success and celebration of life acts as the motivation to live in a health-conscious manner. 


Millie no longer owns Weight Watchers in West Virginia, but now owns and operates the Shape Shop Cafe in Charleston WV. Shape Shop Cafe is a deli-style restaurant, serving healthy, fresh, never-processed foods and treats, catering to all those in pursuit of a healthy and clean meal for breakfast or lunch! Learn more at:

She also runs and operates Fix It With Foods, a group nutritional class that meets weekly where she gives you the tools and knowledge on how to follow the Mediterranean Diet to eat well, feel better, and lose weight! Learn more at:


Accompanying her expansive career is Millie’s authorship of Lean and Luscious, a two-edition cookbook that offers healthier versions of everyday favorites. Lean and Luscious is welcoming a new volume, Meatless, which is now available for purchase. With these cookbooks, it is Millie’s desire to offer both knowledge and motivation to achieve change. “It’s not what you know, but what you do with what you know…ya know?” she shares.


Audiences everywhere have been drawn to Millie’s inspirational message and love for people. To book speaking engagements, book signings, or receive booking information, call Millie Snyder at 304-541-6146.

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