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$12.95 + shipping
Millie Snyder's
Lean & Luscious Kids Edition 


Multi-award-winning author and speaker, Millie Snyder, expands her bestselling Lean & Luscious series to include budding young chefs!

Raising children includes every responsibility you can possibly imagine. Among that long list is teaching those young people quality eating habits. In Millie's situation, she was a dedicated member of Weight Watchers so eating correctly and healthfully happened as a matter of daily living.

With this children's edition let your children experiment and become familiar with trying a recipe and when they gain some confidence and ask you to taste what they created make sure you say, YES!

$24.95 + shipping
Millie Snyder's
More Lean & Luscious Mediterranean 


For generations, many of the approximately 125 million people in the Mediterranean have eaten fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain breads and pastas, nuts and legumes, fish, chicken, turkey, scant amounts of pork, and occasional beef. Their food is cooked and seasoned with olive oil, among the healthiest oils we can consume. They have learned to drink plenty of water, eat slowly, and stay physically active. We can sample from their great habits things that we can each incorporate into our lives.


This new cookbook was put together with you in mind—to help you easily prepare good and healthy food for your family and yourself, using ingredients you already have in your kitchen!

Bundle and Save!! 


When you purchase all four Lean & Luscious titles in our Bundle Special you can save $$$$$. Order your bundle today!

Lean & Luscious Meatless

View or download a sugar conversion chart for both Lean & Luscious books.


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the Chart

What our readers are saying:

"Finally an easy to follow healthy cookbook I can use. My family loves the recipes and I love that I can find all the ingredients I need in my local grocery store. Thanks Millie."


"I'm a busy guy who likes to have meat with his meals. I know I needed some help as I've committed to changing my eating habits, so these recipes are perfect for me as I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle."


$24.95 + shipping
$19.95 + shipping
Millie Snyder's
Lean & Luscious 
3rd Edition


Runner Up Great Southeast Book Festival--Best Cookbook
Indie Book Award

Los Angeles Book Festival Honorable Mention

Paris Book Festival Honorable Mention


Millie Snyder, the woman who answered "yes!" to the question "can food really be both lean and luscious?" is back with this 3rd edition of the popular cookbook series.


Lean and Luscious has been revised and updated by author, speaker and chef Millie Snyder. She has helped thousands of people live better lives by learning to cook and eat nutritious, delicious foods, while inspiring them to develop an "I can do this" attitude.


Each of the over 375 delicious recipes inside uses readily available and affordable ingredients. Busy families have turned to Lean and Luscious for over 25 years as a convenient, economical and healthy way to eat the foods they love.


Lean and Luscious will show you the way back to your own kitchen, and teach you how to cook with care and simplicity. You'll see for yourself how easy and enjoyable it is to live healthier while eating the food you and your family love.

Lean & Luscious
What our readers are saying:

"I've purchased each edition that Millie's put out. My goal is to have created each recipe in this book."


"It's tough staying true to your healthy eating and Millie makes it easy with her books. Love the variety and ease of cooking. My family loves the Pacific Pasta Sauce with Salmon!"


Millie Snyder's
Lean & Luscious Meatless 


A new, Meatless cookbook from award winning author Millie Snyder will brighten your day and make meal planning a breeze! Simple, nutritional recipes, using common ingredients, will expand your culinary knowledge and help you maintain a heathly lifestyle. Included are Good Health Alerts and Tips to help you make good eating choices and information on using spices, plus economical meal planning and sample menus for daily meals, holiday and even elegant dining. Popular Lean & Luscious cookbooks have sold over 1.5 million copies and Millie Snyder is proud to author this new Meatless edition of theLean & Luscious Series.

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