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Lean and Luscious Recipes

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Lean and Luscious – the definition is the recipes are healthy and delicious. That is a turn on. Here’s another – they are easy to follow. Here’s another – they use items you already have in the house; and if you do have to stock up on this, that and the other, you will reuse them in many of the recipes. It’s a win-win.

We all have cookbooks but we don’t use them. We are not being creative in the kitchen because so many recipes require too many steps and too many ingredients and, of course, too much cleanup. These were steps carefully considered when the recipes were put together. Many people have reminded me they have the old books. So do I. When Lean and Luscious was resurrected back in 2010, the nutritional standards changed and many ingredients once thought to be healthy needed to be updated. Therefore, the current copies of Lean and Luscious and Lean and Luscious Meatless meet these updated standards.

Many people are concerned about sugar and the related items containing sugar, such as honey, molasses, brown sugar and agave. Now on the Lean and Luscious website there is a way to account for the sugar in each and every recipe.

Recipes are fun when what you make tastes good.

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